Yup I love Ubuntu. I even love the Unity desktop UI (so shoot me).  I also want to play with all the tools in the Kali distro, but one thing that gets in my way is the UI is just different enough to make it a little difficult. Blah blah blah this guide is mostly to help me remember how to do it again without having to remember the right questions to ask The Google.

  1. Install Ubuntu
    1. Just do it.
    2. Customize if you like. I can’t get going without reducing the launcher icon size and adding redshift and guake.
  2. Install Git
    1. sudo apt-get install git
  3. Install Katoolin
    1. sudo su
    2. git clone https://github.com/LionSec/katoolin.git  && cp katoolin/katoolin.py /usr/bin/katoolin
    3. chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin
    4. katoolin
  4. Configure Katoolin
    1. 1,1,2
    2. back
    3. 2
    4. 0
  5. Fixing Katoolin package problems
    1. Sometimes the packages listed in the katoolin script are unavailable. In my case it was multiforce that apt couldn’t get. To fix that you need to edit the katoolin script:
      1. gedit /usr/bin/katoolin
      2. search for the missing package and delete its name
      3. save the file
      4. repeat step 4 above.
  6. Now I have Kali tools AND my favorite desktop.