I was bitten by the Raspberry Pi bug. The first time I saw it mentioned, I ordered one immediately. I ordered it in August and didn’t get it till April. The first thing I did was to follow a tutorial using python and GPIO to light up a red LED when my unread email count was 0, and flash a yellow LED every time a new unread email showed up. I had connected the cloud to my physical world and I was hooked. There were many experiments after that which I can’t remember. Then I foundĀ this video on YouTube and I had a mission.

Martin’s goal was to display diagnostic information overlaid on video from his dash cam. I didn’t have a dash cam and I didn’t want one. I wanted something else. My wife’s car has a “gauge” that shows in real time how efficiently you’re burning gas. Mash the pedal and it will dip below the “econ” mark; feather it and you’ll be rewarded with an indication that you are being green. My truck lacks such feedback, and my truck is inherently less fuel-efficient than her car, so I wanted to create a way to help remind me to be as green as possible in my truck.

More to come…

MOV_2246.MOV Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 6.09.39 PM